Real Estate -

The firm has extensive experience in the real estate industry. Our attorneys have represented financial institutions and individuals in purchases, sales, and refinances of both residential and commercial real estate. We work closely with out clients and coordinate the closing process with the mortgage broker, lender bank, and real estate broker to ensure a successful closing .

Business Formation and Operation -

 The firm will assist you in deciding which type of organization is appropriate for your business (e.g., partnership, corporation, LLC, etc.). Our attorneys will prepare the appropriate partnership and shareholder agreements to ensure your business continues to operate properly in the years to come. As always, we will work closely with you to meet your needs.

Bankruptcy -

We represent debtors and creditors in consumer bankruptcy proceedings in Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens Counties. Our attorneys can evaluate the financial condition of the client and determine if a bankruptcy reorganization or liquidation would best serve their needs. After the clients' bankruptcy options are thoroughly explained, our staff guides the debtor through the complexities of the most recent bankruptcy code in effort to maximize the benefits of a discharge.

Wills, Trusts , & Estates -

Our firm provides assistance to those looking to create an estate plan consistent with their needs. From the first consultation to the administration of the estate, our attorneys will provide the appropriate guidance. We will counsel you on the types of planning tools available and explain in depth their usefulness to you. Once you are comfortable with an estate plan, we will prepare and execute the appropriate documents. Our attorneys have years of experience in drafting wills, living wills, healthcare proxies, and other documents necessary to properly transfer your assets.

Forecloscure -

The firm represents both lenders and owners of real property in the foreclosure of the mortgage. We have extensive experience in this field and we will work closely with you throughout the process.

Landlord/ Tenant -

We represent landlord, and tenants in the drafting and negotiation of leases can not be resolved through negotiations we are ready, willing and able to litigate the issues. In the event the terms of the lease are not being complied with, we are ready, willing, and able to represent our client and litigate the issues.